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Glosas, the new semiannual era

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Trump Administration’s Linguistic Ideology and its Mediatic Repercussion in Spanish Press – Francisco M. Carriscondo Esquivel

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Urban Space and Identity: The role of Transgression of the Emotional Context Associated with Geography in The Construction of Identity – Priscilla Gac-Artigas

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Spanglish: two languages, two cultures and two sensitivities. The analysis of “The Raza who Scored big in Anahuac” y “El Bacalao viene de más lejos y se come aquí” – Margherita Manzini

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Spanish Language in the U.S. Academic Landscape: Teachers’ Credentialing in California – Rosario Outes Jiménez

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Eñe – Carlos Franz

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Los dichos – Manuel Garrido Palacios

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Publishing criteria

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