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Presentation – Silvia Betti

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You have to speak ‘American’. The public rejection of Spanish in the United States during the Trump presidency – Silvia Betti

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People who speak Spanish as a heritage language in the US are just as legitimate speakers as everyone else – Ángel López García-Molins

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The use of proverbs in basic and intermediate Spanish courses based on a Los Angeles, California corpus – Frank Nuessel

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(Neo)baroque Spanglish – Marcos Rico Domínguez

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Ivorian students and american spanish: between attraction and apprehension – Bi Drombé Djandué & Kouakou Béhégbin Désiré Konan

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Francisco Moreno Fernandez, enthusiastic and committed linguist – Silvia Betti

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Illustrated sayings – Gerardo Piña-Rosales

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Publishing criteria

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