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Glosas, a new era – Silvia Betti

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The Definition of Spanglish in the Last Edition of the Dictionary of the Royal Academy (2014) – Silvia Betti

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Tradition and inovation in the academic dictionary – Domnita Dumitrescu

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Endogenous or Exogenous Standard for the Spanish Language? – Ángel López García-Molins

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Lexicography of US Spanish. Proposal for a Dictionary of Anglicisms – Francisco Moreno-Fernández

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Soft Power, Language Policies of Mexico and the United States in the Hegemonic Era of the English Language – José Eduardo Villalobos Graillet

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Speaking and living. Again on gipsy – Antonio Garrido

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Castilian, Spanish and American in the bookfairs – Alberto Gómez Font

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The saying and its image – Gerardo Piña-Rosales

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Joaquín Segura, a good man… – Silvia Betti

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Publishing criteria

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