The mission of Glosas (ISSN 2327-7181), an academic journal founded in 1994 by the North American Academy of the Spanish Language (ANLE) as a periodic publication, is the study of the Spanish language “in and of” the United States.

Glosas is currently published twice a year. To be considered for publication, contributions (articles about the Spanish language “in and of” the United States, as well as reflections on related issues, bilingualism and /or diglossia in the United States, etc.) submitted for favorable review by a double-blind peer review must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be written in Spanish
  2. Be original
  3. Not have been previously shared or disseminated online
  4. Not have been submitted or offered simultaneously to other publications

Double-blind peer review:

In order to be published, contributions must be favorably evaluated by two external anonymous reviewers. Glosas will have recourse to a third reviewer in cases wherein a wider consensus is needed.

Open access:

Glosas offers immediate and open access to its contents and to full texts. Free access to research results fosters a greater exchange of knowledge on a global scale.